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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Brett LetkemanMale/Canada Recent Activity
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Jest :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 1 0 Dominic Dragon :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 1 0 BraeBust Simple :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 2 2 The Weight of blood :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 0 0 Firemane Jest :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 1 3
Wayward daughters of equestria
Nightmare moon was no mere facet of a moon crazy Luna but in essence a being much akin to discord, a god in its own right but one of corruption and domination. After its apparent defeat at the hands of the mane 6 the now formless spirit of nightmare moon floats in a void. But after a 100 years of rest and recuperation it finally built up the ability to take a new host. What it found was discord, still frozen in stone in the garden. On contact a battle of wills ensued with discord appearing to be the clear winner. But Nightmare Moon knew something that could  force even discord to control his chaotic nature. The desire for revenge destruction and a chance to best Celestia once and for all. Its this fateful deal that forged the beast once known as discord into something far worse. Using their combined power the stone prison was no match and they escaped without any-pony the wiser slipping deep into the everfree where nopony would dare to go.
But they knew that it wont be as eas
:iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 2 3
Do not want :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 3 2 Stolen Kiss :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 58 41 2 Pooped 2 party :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 4 0 Motherly Moment :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 25 6 Miles apart :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 21 12 Great and Powerfull Plot :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 36 22 Nameless OC :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 2 0 Splitscreen mane 6 :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 3 0 Scratch Trak :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 2 0 Bud OC :iconthedarkone246:thedarkone246 0 0
The newest and thus the best stuff i do.

Random Favourites

Void themed Fizz concept :iconartsed:Artsed 756 97 Digging Graves Is Fun :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 5,721 821 hopeless :iconcsimadmax:CSImadmax 2,599 659 Punny Ponies :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 3,972 523 The Background Mane 6 Elements of Harmony :iconjaybugjimmies:jaybugjimmies 1,634 320 More Void Fizz :iconartsed:Artsed 153 19 Thresh :iconartsed:Artsed 1,117 94 Voidborn Fizz :iconartsed:Artsed 1,642 182 Lone Denizen of Everfree :iconhuussii:Huussii 5,785 311 Good Timber :icon10art1:10art1 972 393 The Witch :iconmadhotaru:MadHotaru 2,562 209 Eye of the Beholder :iconnanhart:Nanhart 2,691 536 The Truth :iconzutheskunk:ZuTheSkunk 4,702 540 Madame, there's a Sweetie Belle in my milkshake. :icondrpancakees:DrPancakees 1,156 239 Gamerdash.gif :icondori-to:Dori-to 604 98 Pinkievision :iconsubjectnumber2394:SubjectNumber2394 3,016 475
Stuff i like obviously although i cant seem to remove stuff i accidentally favorited....


1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to post five things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the tagger's questions, then make 11 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. You have to tag 11 people and you have to post their icons in your journal.
5. You neeed to go to their page and notify them that you've tagged them.
6. Tag backs are a no-no >:[
7. You're tagged if you read this LOL is also a no-no. You have to tag them like the rules say

5 things about me
- I collect books, one day i hope to have enough so that if i ever have kids that they would never run out of the books i myself loved
- I should probably get out more
- I have a red beard despite neither side of my family having one for generations. (i am a genetic anomaly)
- Graphic novels and video games are also collected and i love the classics
- My IQ is 130 just barely genius level

My Eleven:
1. What is you favourite beverage?
DR pepper or apple juice for booze it would have to be a screw driver
2. Are you single?
Nope. Dating IRL and other :P
3. If not, does your special somepony live far away or close by?
relative to the universe my special somepony is close
4. Did you donate anything to any fandom project or spent money on it otherwise?
No not really i give away money every christmas though
5. Are you reading fanfics?
Not right now now im writing this DUH But i am still trying to finish all the stuff cheese wrote the other day hot damn is it good
6. If yes, what was the longest you have read?
Fallout equestria and im only on chapter 37
7. What do you think of clopfics? ;P
Equestria after dark
8. D ou you have a tumblr? (If so, follow mine!)
I got 2 My nsfw one
My joke/mod one
9. What is your name?
10. What is your quest?
To be the very best, like noone ever was
11.  What is the airborne velocity of an unladen swallow?

Fuck you im not tagging anyone.
  • Listening to: Sea lion - sage francis
  • Reading: the andromeda strain by micheal crichton
  • Watching: the doctor
  • Playing: BF3
  • Eating: muffin
  • Drinking: apple juice


Brett Letkeman
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Southern Manitoba - Canada
Favourite genre of music: Darkwave. Death Metal
Favourite style of art: Mixed media or pen and ink
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: as long as it works
Shell of choice: the gas station?
Wallpaper of choice: Red
Skin of choice: Caucasin JK
Favourite cartoon character: Kane; peace through power!
Personal Quote: Don't be serious about life nobody lives through it anyway



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